The challenge

As the number of options increases for your audience, it becomes critical for businesses to assess their needs and approach them with suitable solutions. But the consumer behavior may vary for different brands. There is a need to gather historical information and address the queries from the audience

The moment of truth for any brand can happen throughout the customer’s journey with the brand. It becomes necessary to track the interactions with the customer and the steps undertaken to fulfill their needsSetting up a unique customer experience will go a long way in improving brand equity and driving business value.


The need for Oracle Cloud CX

Most organizations have a storehouse of knowledge about customer behavior, demographics, and interactions across their journey with the brandThere is a need for data crunching to provide insightful information for the marketing and sales, and customer services teams. It will help them develop ideas that can benefit the business’s revenues.

The Oracle Cloud CX provides a platform for business teams to use customer intelligence to drive business value. It will enable the personalization of the messages sent out to the audience. It also helps the customer-facing departments provide a united experience throughout the customer lifecycleIt uses analytics to guide the team with intelligent suggestions to focus on the audience in ideal situations.

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Marketing & Sales

It is critical to provide insightful information for the marketing and sales team to tweak their pitch to suit the various audience demographics. The Oracle Cloud CX solution also improves engagement with the audience and optimizes the different marketing channels. The real-time information also helps to tweak customer strategies in real time.

Customer Service

Businesses understand that they must have proper interaction with their customers throughout their entire stay with the brand. There is a need to balance automation with human intervention to allow. An exceptional interaction with the customers at all times. It is what the Oracle Cloud CX solution is capable of! It can make the customer handling process simpler and rationalize the services strategies.

Data Analytics

Given the sheer volume of interactions that any brand has with its audience. It is necessary to mine this information for better use. Rationalizing investments toward attracting prospects and retaining customers is also necessary. The cloud platform allows businesses to use advanced software to provide customer analytics that will deliver real-time data to the required teams.

How We Can Help?


Your brand must create a flawless marketing experience for your target market. Our Oracle Cloud CX team provides data-driven solutions for your marketing team. Allows them to make informed tweaks to the customer strategies. We also help them to devise processes to improve campaign engagement and brand loyalty.

Today's customers will prefer to be in touch with your brand at all odd hours. Our team utilizes the Oracle Cloud CX solution to align the marketing processes with the goals and objectives of the organizationThe audience is segmented based on historical information, and the customer acquisition process is benchmarked against global best practices.

Your customers prefer personalized customer service. Our team can help you create a framework allowing your customer services team to walk the thin line between automation and human intervention. The agents can provide relevant historical information to handle customer queries better.

Our team of Oracle Cloud experts has experience across the business value chain. We also believe in formalizing a framework that works, cutting across different industries. This framework allows them to plan knowledge-driven interactions with customers. It also helps the client-facing teams to use historical information for an improved client experience.