The challenge

Organizations must optimize their business processes as the business environment becomes more competitive. An automated system in a hurry to move towards an efficient process, most organizations have several siloed pieces of software. There are no interfaces. Managers cannot have a consolidated view of the business workflows. 

There is a need to standardize the systems to have an optimal workflow across the entire business value chain. A consolidated system will help with faster response times and increased productivity levels. The relevant managers must have access to dashboards. That can allow them to make informed decisions.

How Oracle Cloud ERP can help?

Oracle Cloud ERP is a complete software tool that confines the entire business. The challenge of having department siloes across disparate software is no more. You can connect the different departments. There is a clear flow of information across your business sections. 

The Oracle Cloud ERP software relieves the company from needing both human and material resources. The solution can be deployed across all industries. To provide collaborative tools to optimize business workflows.

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Modules Covered

Financial Management

Our team understands the entire finance, accounting, and procurement process and helps create customized workflows to provide a real-time view of the organization's financial status. APPIT Software also support your auditors to have a clear understanding of your internal workflows and also understand your problem.

Project Management

Businesses must have a real-time view of all their ongoing projects. We help our clients have a dashboard that allows them to have a comprehensive view of all the ongoing projects status. We help our clients create processes that ensure that they are assigned to the right personnel and ramp-up and quickly scale down resources.

HR Management

Businesses find it necessary to attract the best talent and retain them. There is a need to optimize the HR workflows so that the HR team can tweak their strategies on the fly. They will also have a comprehensive overview of the employee lifecycle and enhance the in-house personnel's productivity.

Supply Chain Management

Most supply chain processes are manual. It makes it difficult for managers to have a collective overview of the status of the supply chain. This makes it difficult for the manufacturing and logistics processes to run smoothly. APPIT Softwares turnkey specialists help clients increase the supply chain's agility and process.

Risk Management

There is a need to minimise business risks that exist across the organisation. Our team can help you identify these risks using built-in data science in the Oracle Cloud ERP solution. It can help to install controls across the relevant places across the organization. The audit processes can be streamlined, and the complex compliance tasks can be automated.

ERP Analytics

Most businesses have to cope with business risks due to the absence of actionable insights. You must utilise the benefits of embedded analytics in the solution. Our implementation team harness the analytics capabilities and uses predictive analytics and associated KPIs to have a comprehensive overview of the workflows.

How We Can Help?


The critical business processes linked together and provide real-time business information. We have deployed this solution across several clients, each with a different business workflow

We have faced unique challenges while streamlining the workflows and included them in our knowledge baseOur experiences across several industries provides us with the knowledge to tackle unique problems in any deployment.

With our expertise in several deployments, you can leverage the benefits of a comprehensive ERP solution on the cloudAutomating your ongoing business activities and deploying control points at suitable places is necessary to provide you with feedback about the systems

Most workflows intertwined, requiring inputs from many processes to have a composite overview of the said process. Our team ensures that the deployment timelines are reduced. The managers can use dashboards to review the daily operations. 

Businesses are usually faced with disparate software without any proper interfaces between them. Your employees face difficulty dealing with such siloed environments. Pour through mountains of data. Our Oracle Cloud ERP team can help your managers understand. The nuances of the solution and utilizing the solution's benefits to the fullest, we handhold our clients through the implementation phase.

We have undertaken several workshops for the solution users. The personalized training modules coupled with several weeks of production. Support to help your managers handle the software themselves.