Oracle Integration with IoT

Internet of things scaled

Oracle Software Integration with IoT

APPIT Oracle integration with IoT, IoT, or the Internet of Things is our latest technological achievement in this digitally-developing worldThis technological growth allowed us to control our surroundings with the touch of our fingersIn simple words, “IoT” is the network of interconnected things/devices embedded with sensors, software, network connectivity, and necessary electronics. That enables them to collect and exchange data, making them responsive. ” and in today’s fast-paced world. We are embedding everything with a sensor or application software for our own easy access and control, which makes IoT, or the Internet of Things. The most demanding technology of our time.

Oracle’s Internet of Things platform provides an end-to-end solution for a comprehensive and cost-effective IoT architecture, enabling organizations to

Develop and deploy applications faster, shrinking development costs and time to market.

  • Manage and analyze large volumes of device data throughout the lifecycle, from collection to analysis.
  • Integrate and Automate using data from connected devices to make decisions closer to the network edge.
  • Protect and act with security and regulatory requirements with robust & end-to-end data protection.
  • Optimize and Innovate while integrating with Oracle business and industry applications to reduce costs and speed up new service delivery.
There are many reasons why Oracle’s Java Embedded technologies are ideal for smart devices in IoT architectureJava offers comprehensive functionality for resource constrained devices, with the industry’s highest level of functionality, security, connectivity, and scalabilityIt’s all delivered through a massive ecosystem of more than nine million Java developers worldwideAnd as an open standard-based platform, Java provides code portability in IoT environments, accelerating time to market as new generations of sensor technology emergeBesides, secured & in-market device software updates extend product lifecycles and allow new services to be provisioned.
  • Using Oracle Java ME Embedded in devices helps ensure systems can be built using the same language throughout the end-to-end solution and is cost effective with device portability and reduced support costs.
  • Oracle Java SE Embedded brings industry leading reliability, robust performance, throughput, security, and cross platform support to many embedded IoT systems, including healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial automation gateways.
  • Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded allows for intelligent processing of in-flight data on edge devices, driving faster decisions by eliminating the latencies associated with backend processing.  

Managing data from sensor devices requires data center technology to turn massive data streams into real-time information for end-usersAlso, organizations must provide access to access anytime and anywhere while maintaining robust securityThe Internet of Things platform must also have the scalability to meet future processing and storage needs.

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle Fusion Middleware offers a scalable platform to move, process, and speed up automated action on data from connected devices by enabling structured and unstructured data to be processed, analyzed integrated with transactional systems in real time, providing actionable business intelligence and supporting better informed decision making throughout the enterprise. Its event processing capabilities include device level analysis, filtering, and pattern matching tools. Oracle Fusion Middleware also brings the standards-based advantages of Java to the data center, delivering a platform for secure, integrated automation of key business processes.

Oracle’s Big Data Analytics

Oracle’s Big Data Analytics getting business value from big data in general and IoT data, in particular, requires analysis. Oracle has a wide range of business analytics, discovery, and in-database analytics tools.

Oracle’s Big Data Management

Oracle’s Big Data Management Management simplifies the storage and analysis of diverse data from connected devices in the Internet of ThingsOrganizations must combine new data in stores like Hadoop or No SQL with an existing data warehouse. Oracle integrates these critical components.

Oracle Business Applications and Oracle Industry Applications

Oracle Business Applications and Oracle Industry Applications enable organizations to use device data in areas such as CRMERP, HR, and finance across industries, speeding time to market, reducing costs, and delivering competitive advantage.

Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle Engineered Systems provides the ideal foundation for IoT deployments. These pre-tested, pre-certified hardware systems are designed to optimize performance, keep costs down, and scale to address changing business demands.

With a single engineering team developing the Java platform and embedded data management systems along with the extreme performance hardware that turns data into insightOracle can deliver an integrated, reliable, and secure platform for the entire IoT architecture. Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of products provides a complete IoT platform, allowing organizations to:

  • Streamline application development and deployment with Oracle Java Embedded technologies.
  • Handle massive data growth with Java-based gateways, powerful data management, and analytics systems.
  • Automate the movement and integration of data throughout the IoT architecture.
  • Protect data across the IoT value chain and simplify regulatory compliance with market-leading security.
  • Optimize organizational performance and enable the innovations that drive competitive advantage.
  • New Markets in the Connected World

The connected world offers significant opportunities for organizations. They can derive business value from the data collected by billions of connected devices and thingsUsing it, they can innovate and deliver new services that differentiate them from their competitors.

Internet of Things enables the creation of new products and services across all industriesMoreover, utility companies use smart meters to help consumers manage their energy bills; automobile manufacturers use telemetry data to make their cars safer & more eco-efficient, and consumers use home gateways to connect to networks and services. But this is the beginning. The possibilities it has been unthinkable.