The challenge

Businesses are faced with increased competition for the same set of customers. It has led to more focus on the rationalization of the business processes. There is also a focus on reducing the costs of operations. 

As a result, we see a replacement of the in-house legacy software and more companies are moving their systems to the cloud. 

And being on the cloud does not solve the underlying issues.There is a need to harness the benefits provided by the solution. Businesses must partner with service providers with ample experience in handling Oracle ERP Cloud solutions across diverse industries.

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Scale the path for automated systems using our Managed Services

Understandably, businesses rush to be on the cloud to reduce costs. But do they have the resources to handle the software on their own! It is not prudent to undermine the benefits of being nimble while moving to the cloud. Using the Oracle ERP Cloud, businesses will be spending only a fraction of the cost of an on-premise system. 

There is an inherent need to rope in the experts to unlock the value of being on the cloud. Apart from this, businesses must not forget to enter into an SLA-based arrangement with assured service levels. It will help to ascertain responsibility on the service providers.

Partnering with a formidable Managed Services partner can help you leverage the experience of the industry experts. You can also reap the benefits of getting access to the knowledgebase that the renowned managed services providers bring along with them. 

Most of the frameworks are based on advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence. It helps to mine through mountains of data and provide insightful data. Such partners can also ensure that your processes are secure and that you meet the regulatory requirements despite residing your data on the cloud.

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How We Can Help?

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The Oracle  ERP Cloud solution ensures that your business workflows are optimized. The enterprises with considerable investments in on-premise Oracle ERP solutions can be migrated to the cloud solution with short turnaround times.

We finalize the scope of work with our clients and lay down the SLAs, which form the basis of our association. You are also benefited through our comprehensive handholding support during the stabilisation period.

It becomes necessary for a few complex workflows to depute a few of our software engineers onsite. We follow a correct shoring model whereby we station engineers at various locations – a hybrid model covering onsite, offshore, and nearshoring based on the project necessities.

Such a model helps to minimize costs for our clients. The managed services team ensures that such a setup does not affect the SLAs that were mutually agreed.

When businesses decide to move to a managed services model, it is a decision that can have an ever-lasting impact. We are an ISO certified company and adhere to our stringent best practices model. The managed services team starts by creating a project plan whereby specific tasks are assigned to each team member.

We keep our clients informed about the project through periodic meetings and elaborated reports at regular intervals. Our detailed documentation of the work activities minimise non-compliance risks and helps in transition.

We believe in providing a personalized delivery model for our managed services projects. The team members are dedicated resources who have several years of experience across similar such projects.

They utilize the centralized knowledgebase that is used to respond to critical issues faster. The project team sets down critical KPIs to ensure measurable goals and objectives for every phase of the project.