Oracle Logfire Cloud


Oracle Logfire Cloud

Oracle Log fire Cloud storage & cloud computing is the latest storage technology in the worldEvery organization is in heavy need of cloud storage along with an integrated warehouse. Excellent inventory & workforce management platform. This platform will help them to maintain their enormous annual growth both in inventory & workforceWith cloud computing, users can access files and use applications from any device on Internet.

So, cloud computing can be describe as the use of hardware and software to deliver a service over a network (Internet). It is an on-demand service that has obtained mass appeal in corporate data centers. The cloud enables the data center to operate like the Internet and computing resources. It is to be accesse and shared as virtual resources in a secure and scalable manner. Like most technologies, trends start in the enterprise and adoption by small business owners.

Oracle announced acquired Log fire on 6 September 2016. Together they will provide an integrated warehouse, inventory. Workforce management platform that scales with increased volume and complexity. More than 40 customers from various sectors use Log Fire’s solutions to fulfil over 100 million global orders.

Oracle provides a comprehensive set of supply chain SaaS applications that enable organizations to modernize their supply chain processesWhile leveraging the cloud, they can increase flexibility and reduce total cost of ownership. Supply chain organizations are under pressure to exploit evolving business trends. While increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The combination of Oracle and Log Fire will complement the logistics functionality of theOracle SCM Cloud by adding innovative warehouse management capabilities.

The Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud introduces a new paradigm in supply chain execution system. Robust extended warehouse management functionality is available at lower total cost of ownership. Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud delivers innovative capabilities, mobile solutions. Which is easy to use browser interface. It’s a solution for rapid and cost effective implementation with the added structure to change and evolve with your businessOracle WMS Cloud offers robust multichannel functionality. It enables complete warehouse and logistics fulfilment from any browser-based device. The solution includes inbound and outbound fulfilment execution value-added services as well as reverses logistics. It provides total inventory management from manufacturer to DC to store to consumer.

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud

Provide purpose-built effectiveness to optimizing and automating store operations with multichannel fulfilment needs. Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud can be use to manage materials in locations other than traditional warehouses. The solution manages and provides total inventory accountability. Visibility in the store or stock room from pre-receiving through receiving, stock replenishment, inventory cycle and physical counts. Omni-channel fulfilment from the store, and even returns. With Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud companies can achieve end to end inventory and productivity improvements across their entire supply chain and stores.

The Cloud offers robust multichannel functionality. Which enables complete warehouse and logistics fulfilment from any browser-based device. The solution includes inbound and outbound fulfilment execution, cross-dock. To store management, value-added services, as well as reverse logistics, which deliver total management of inventory from the manufacturer to DC to store and to the consumer. Provide purpose-built effectiveness to optimizing and automating store operations with multichannel fulfilment needs.

Superior Workforce Management

Oracle Warehouse Workforce Management Cloud provides warehouse managers with greater visibility. Into their operations and workforce to help reduce labour inefficiencies, raise performance, and improve accuracy. Oracle Warehouse Workforce Management Cloud includes key performance indicators (KPIs) that manage. Track workforce performance based on quantifiable goals. With an easy to use, configurable user interface and radio frequency (RF) functionality. Oracle Warehouse Workforce Management Cloud is essential to maximizing the efficiency of warehouse and in-store operations, and in turn, the entire supply chain.

Supply Chain Analytics & Dashboards

Oracle Warehouse Management Business Intelligence Cloud includes a rich interface and intuitive dashboards that enable real-time operational analysis, reporting, and alert managementThe solution provides summarized insight into key performance metrics that can be provide across many warehouses, sourcing locations, and even storesWith intelligent reporting, alerting, and scheduling capabilities, the solution enables real time actionable analysis around location use, inventory fragmentation. Other warehouse performance factors.

First Best-in-Class 100% Cloud Logistics Solution

Companies using Oracle’s Logistics Cloud solution, which includes both Oracle Warehouse Management CloudOracle Transportation Management Cloud, can now manage, track, and visualize inventory across fulfilment centres, 3PLs, store shelves and inventory in-transit with real-time dataCompanies will gain inventory velocity and reduce fulfilment costs by connecting networks in real-timeCan move from a flat supply chain approach to a multi-dimensional network approach allowing them to adapt to ever-changing marketplace conditions.

With capabilities that incorporate product development, vital material sourcing, outsourced manufacturing, integrated logistics. Omni-Channel fulfilment, and incorporated demand and supply planning. Oracle SCM Cloud is the most far-reaching SCM suite in the cloud. Oracle SCM Cloud has transformed inventory network operations to address the difficulties of the demand-driven marketplace. The end-to-end platform of excellence is rank as a leader in many segments. Recognized as a dedicated partner to hundreds of companies preparing for their future.

Oracle SCM Cloud

Oracle SCM Cloud is the only solution that lets businesses build tomorrow’s supply chain today by managing the complex. Demand driven marketplace of the future. It provides you with a digital thread of end to end business technology that takes business beyond supply chain operations and into integrated business planning.

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud supports complex fulfilment operations by providing end-to-end inventory visibility, improving space use and supporting. Omni-channel fulfilment accuracy. This next-generation warehouse management system provides a holistic approach with a low total cost of ownership (TCO):

  • Provide end-to-end global inventory visibility.
  • Support customer-centric Omni-channel fulfilment.
  • Run real-time analysis and reporting.

Leverage the secure and stable features of the cloud.