The challenge

The advent of newer technologies is allowing businesses to charter a path of exponential growth. However, they are also faced with new entrants, and the pressure from incumbents are making them reduce costs of operations to a great extent. There is also a need for scalable growth and having the capability to make on-the-fly changes in the business processes.

The need for agile solutions coupled with on-demand changes is the need of the hour. It is making them choose cloud services instead of the more expensive on-premise solutions.

How to overcome them

The Oracle Cloud applications are among the most comprehensive cloud applications suite. According to Gartner, the Oracle ERP Cloud is a magic Quadrant Leader. The agile systems allow clients to benefit from the latest technological advancements.

The modules are applicable across the entire business ecosystem and are essential for the business value chain. It makes the end customers have a unique and personalized experience across their lifecycle and allows the business to have an enterprise-wide view of the customer.


Our Oracle ERP Cloud Portfolio

Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing

Businesses are often blinded by the absence of insights about their supply chain and manufacturing processes. They must have an agile means of staying abreast of these processes to enhance the chances of having a robust plan to stay ahead of future challenges. The Oracle Cloud SCM allows a seamless functionality across operations, supply chain, manufacturing, finance, HR and customer experience.

It utilizes embedded advanced technologies like Machine Learning and AI to predict outcomes. Technology can help in making suitable changes to the workflows and a coordinated and agile supply chain.

Human Capital Management

Your employees need an environment to bring out the best from them. There is a need to have proper insights into the human capital of the organization – right from when they have joined till they leave the organization. There is a need to have a consolidated solution that provides information throughout the employee lifecycle.

It uses AI that ensures smarter workflows and an innovative solution that allows you to modify your HR strategies with time. It can also interface with the payroll and leave management process to provide a consolidated view of the employee data.

Customer Experience

Businesses must understand the requirements of their target market and have a seamless transfer of information between the marketing, sales and customer service teams. Unifying these teams will allow you to deliver a seamless workflow that will take your prospects on the buyer’s journey and culminate in a sale.

The teams must turn historical intelligence into actionable insights and come up with a personalized offer for the audience. The teams can create customized campaigns and can develop sales plans based on the changing market scenario. The sales team is fed with actionable intelligence that leads to an improved pipeline and conversions.

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Our Solutions


Businesses must use quality insights to adapt to new conditions and anticipate the happenings in future. Your cloud application must allow you to make informed decisions about the future steps of your business. Our team of Oracle ERP Cloud experts understand your incumbent processes and come up with complex transformations to address your business needs. We also aid our clients in predicting demand and make suitable adjustments to their business plans.


While you may have insights to plan your future steps, you must be ready for anything that may happen. You must continue to innovate the business processes. We devise solutions that can help you examine the future models and assess their agility and the underlying revenue streams and map them to your current business processes. APPIT Software have helped our client to migrate to a cloud environment with ease & different industries.


Most business processes across industries are still manual. Even the incumbent software, in most cases, is backdated. However, businesses must have robust processes that will allow them to precisely track the progress done and will enable them to be customer-centric. Our implementation team has been using Oracle ERP Cloud solutions to streamline businesses processes and use the best quality analytics to help senior management make informed decisions.

How We Can Help?


We are the unparalleled choice across several innovative applications. Our team of Oracle Cloud experts have years of experience in diverse industries. We have helped our client to migrate to a cloud environment with ease.

We are the unparalleled choice across several innovative applications. Our team of Oracle Cloud experts have years of experience in diverse industries. We have helped our client to migrate to a cloud environment with ease.

The team documents the learnings of every implementation in a knowledge base that is then considered when deploying the solution at the other similar clients.

Our deployment team partners with the clients and jointly set up milestones. The team uses tools that help to optimize the incumbent knowledge base and help to optimize their processes.