The challenge

As Organisation need to minimize costs. There need to focus on the procurement to order and then on the order to cash cycle. Moreover, customers also prefer targeted shopping experiences that affect the supply chain. Managing the entire value chain while optimizing the underlying processes becomes tough.

The supply chain system is initiated right from when the procurement happens till the products get sold. Several entities and processes need to be tracked in the interim. Businesses must streamline the procurement process. 

The suppliers must be managed while keeping a strict vigil on the original contracts. The logistics managers also find it difficult to track the status of the deliveries in real time. A complex set of outbound processes requires them to keep track of each shipment to meet the timeline.


The need for Oracle Cloud SCM

Businesses are faced with the need for a bird’s-eye view of their operations. The finances that get involved in the supply chain. The Oracle SCM Cloud solution provides a seamless experience across the entire value chainThis innovative solution allows the organization to change with the changing times and uses advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

It is a flexible solution that allows companies to adapt to environmental changes. The Oracle SCM Cloud uses a secure and cost-effective cloud solution. That provides an agile supply chain process and coordinated execution of workflows. Such aligned planning helps to enhance efficiency. The manufacturing process minimizes related risks and associated costs.

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Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning

Managers must strategies the supply chain process by considering historical data. Such huge volumes of data need advanced technologies. The Oracle Cloud SCM uses Artificial Intelligence to help supply chain managers plan how to balance the gap between demand and supply.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory is a complex process. Many agreements with different suppliers must be tacked. There are different ordering processes too. The Oracle Cloud SCM helps to provide a single-point overview of the entire inbound inventory.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

The supply chain forms an integral part of the product lifecycle to provide an enticing offer to customers. Businesses must optimize the necessary supply chain processes. This integrated solution offers the ideal platform for modernizing and commercializing best-selling products.



It becomes necessary for logistics managers to track the status of the shipments in real time. It will help them optimize processes to ensure faster delivery and transportation workflows. The solution will help you to manage the logistics processes and make decisions to reduce costs.

How We Can Help?

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There is a need for proper backing up with data to check whether the strategies are working. Our Oracle Cloud EPM experts help in recognizing the control points and creating agile plans. We help in creating scenario modelling using advanced techniques and industry best practices.

Businesses need to undertake predictive analytics to stay ahead of any future business shocks. The Oracle Cloud EPM team helps our
clients devise various ways and means to stay ahead of the future. We help in integrating multiple operational and financial aspects of the business to assist in predicting scenarios better.

The business must have a bird's-eye view of the plans and strategies and associated controls that are in place. Our team can leverage business intelligence to provide the management team with the necessary data for suggesting any tweaks in the organisational plans.