The challenge

As businesses go global, they are faced with a diverse workforce. And this means diverse cultures and ethnic beliefs. The HR team is facing unique challenges while implementing international HR policies. At the same time, there is a need to attract the best and ensure they remain in the organization. There must be a knowledge base for the human resources department.
It will assist managers in making more effective decisions. The objectives of the department must be in sync with all business objectives. It becomes necessary for the HR team to use advanced techniques to have a bird’s eye view of the HR strategiesIt will help the managers devise suitable policy tweaks to sync with the organization’s goals and objectives.

The need for Oracle HCM

Organizations need a full-ledged HR solution covering the entire extent of activities covered in the employee lifecycle. It will help harness the workforce’s full potential by optimizing the HR processes. It is where the Oracle Cloud HCM can fit. The solution connects the entire human resource process. It helps manage the process of attracting the best talent and managing their performance using optimized workflowsThe employees can use familiar technologies to help them perform at their best.

The Oracle Cloud HCM solution uses advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and integrates with the other related modules to align with the organizational goals.The core modules cover more than 90% of the activities that are undertaken by the HR team. As a result, the solution can automate the HR processes in their entirety.

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The payroll structure is not the same across different departments. The challenge gets amplified when you have operations across the globe. It is necessary to have an efficient and customizable model using a single and comprehensive model rather than having several siloed payroll modules. The Payroll module can be interfaced with other third-party solutions to reduce complexity.


Businesses must have a proper workflow that will help to attract the best talent. The hiring process covers many activities, and this workflow must be optimized to improve the productivity of the hiring managers. The Oracle Cloud HCM solution can help to create an end-to-end talent management process for better decision-making.


Handling the core HR processes is not a child's play. Several activities must be completed. Internal HR policies must be adhered to, and there is a need to manage them using disparate data sources. The Oracle Cloud HCM is scalable and can provide configurable HR workflows.

How We Can Help?


At APPIT Software, we provide a data-driven platform to streamline the workflows across the operations in different regions. The deployment team believes in formulating innovative frameworks for each of your clients. 

Formulating the disruptive processes will help the managers make informed decisions and make suitable tweaks to the HR strategies.

The Oracle Cloud HCM modules are based on advanced artificial intelligence technologyOur HCM experts suggest control points that will help businesses tackle the HR challenges head-on.

Such disruptive technologies help in automating the incumbent HR processes and enhance productivity.Informative dashboards are created to help managers make the right decisions about the workforce.

HR processes must be holistic and affect all the employees, cutting across departments. There is a need to plan strategies by taking prior feedback. Our HCM experts help in creating personalized experiences and help in creating value from the innovative HCM modules.