The challenge

As your business grows, you move into newer regions and sometimes, into new industries too. It involves lots of new challenges, and each such foray requires customized strategies. They must also be considered as new projects with proper responsibilities allocated to specific people. 

However, it becomes difficult to manage such individual projects given the stature of the business. In hindsight, you must allocate the requisite resources to ensure these new ventures become profitable and break-even within the pre-decided timelines.

Moreover, the plans for the new ventures must be in sync with the overall business plans and strategies for the whole organization. So, working with spreadsheets is not the answer as the KPIs must be set against the preset goals. Moreover, the KPIs must be continuously tracked for any deviations to allow the senior management to take suitable actions.


The need for Oracle EPM

There is a basic necessity to deploy a comprehensive solution that will help you analyze and understand the status of your business in straightforward terms. The Oracle Cloud EPM solution will help companies plan for the future while keeping in mind the ever-changing business scenario. The senior management will analyse the preset control points and formulate strategies to take the business challenges head-on. It can be used by different department across the organization for their varied needs.

The solution will help the business throughout the planning cycle and provide insights to the management that will help them strategies better. The managers can use real-time data and link it with various operational metrics. It will help them to gauge whether the KPIs are being met. It will provide actionable insights and use analytics to forecast the upcoming trends and use predictive analysis to deal with the possible outcomes.

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It is essential to plan out the possible scenarios to keep the business immune from the shocks that it may receive. Based on historical information, managers can create agile and interconnected plans that can affect each aspect of the business. It will also help in the organization's budgeting aspect and ensure that the company achieves its financial goals.



Working with spreadsheets may have been the norm earlier, but it must change. The incumbent worksheets can also be used in Oracle EPM. The solution can also help by combining the textual portions with raw financial data. The reports must be distributed securely but still be available to the managers wherever they want, be it on their smartphones or the web.



For large businesses, it becomes a requirement to reconcile the high volume transactions. There is a need to formulate engines that can run such a vast number of automated reconciliations to prevent any financial risk for the business. The system can also allow the accounts for full and integrated financial consolidation. As there would be several disparate data sources, it is also necessary to support complex reconciliation models.



The industry behemoths generate vast amounts of data that must be analysed to provide insightful information. It can then be used to make significant tweaks to the incumbent strategies and give a more futuristic outlook. There is also a need to rationalize data requests and validate the data. We can help the disparate applications be connected using ready-to-use adaptors and import required information from some applications.

How We Can Help?

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There is a need for proper backing up with data to check whether the strategies are working. Our Oracle Cloud EPM experts help in recognizing the control points and creating agile plans. We help in creating scenario modelling using advanced techniques and industry best practices.

Businesses need to undertake predictive analytics to stay ahead of any future business shocks. The Oracle Cloud EPM team helps our
clients devise various ways and means to stay ahead of the future. We help in integrating multiple operational and financial aspects of the business to assist in predicting scenarios better.

The business must have a bird's-eye view of the plans and strategies and associated controls that are in place. Our team can leverage business intelligence to provide the management team with the necessary data for suggesting any tweaks in the organisational plans.