Internet of Things


The challenge

As businesses continue to improve themselves, there is a need to deploy appropriate control points at relevant places to track the status of the business workflows. Again, these devices must be smart enough to use their sensors and send back critical information that is then used to make crucial decisions. It led to the world of interconnected IoT devices that had to be connected over a secure platform. It helps organisations focus on automating the cumbersome manual processes and not only focus on reducing costs and increasing productivity. The critical information sent by the smart devices can be used to make subtle changes to the business workflows. It can lead to new revenue streams, improved client experience or even improved tracking of the production system.

How IoT can help?

There is an inherent need to connect smart devices into the overall automated business process. The smart devices will generate a considerable amount of data that must be analysed, and predictive analysis must be undertaken. This massive amount of data must be analysed in real-time. It will help to provide meaningful insights to the managers in the form of intuitive dashboards. If there are control points at relevant places, it will also be possible to gather customer behaviour insights across the entire lifecycle. A comprehensive Internet of Things system will help the respective departments to work more closely to provide better customer service and upsell solutions.

How we can help?


The smart devices form the fulcrum of the automated systems installed across organisations. The devices must be responsive enough to gather the information that is expected of them. The IoT sensors must be visible, and there must be systems to track them to ensure no data is left untracked. It will help the business optimise the productivity of its personnel and enhance the workflows across the value chain. Now, there is a need to make the system scalable to allow new control points to be deployed across the network. Our team of experts helps business by understanding their legacy processes and pinpointing the information collected by deploying smart devices at the appropriate places. The entire framework is designed while considering the amount of data that would need to be processed. The framework is tested using multivariate techniques to ensure it is foolproof.


Not only businesses but the world is getting smarter. We also hear about smart homes and even smart cities. The idea is to connect with the networked IoT sensors and capture the valuable information they are providing. It is necessary to have the proper framework in place as the data will be coming in from disparate input devices. The input data must then be processed, analysed and forwarded to dashboards to allow managers to make decisions. Our IoT experts are experienced across diverse businesses and have helped them to discover and acknowledge the opportunities that lie across the business value chain. We work with the business teams to traverse the complex business environment and make suitable adjustments in the ideation to marketing workflow.


Data forms the core of any IoT system. One of the issues that arise is the several types of devices that provide the inputs to the entire system. Our team of experts ensures that the framework created can access the disparate IoT sensors, extract the necessary data and push it for further processing. The data processing system is customised based on the industry and the complexity of the underlying workflows. We delve deep into our knowledgebase to formulate the framework that will help process the raw data into meaning information. The team uses Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics to ensure that the dashboards are updated with the latest inputs to facilitate decision-making.


The advent of advanced technologies has resulted in the interconnection of smart devices. There is also a need for continuously adding more smart devices into the network. The operational framework must also evolve to accommodate the newer and more advanced devices. The requirement for a comprehensive asset management solution increases manifold. Our team of experts can handle the combination of solutions and the associated systems needed to maintain the ever-increasing number of smart devices. Appit software team utilises industry best practices to optimise the utilisation of these IoT sensors throughout their lifecycle.