Oracle Planning Central Cloud

Oracle Planning Central Cloud
APPIT Software Oracle Planning Central Cloud:

How do you meet customers’ ever changing demands, while reducing costs and disruptions? Move up to modern supply chain planning with Oracle Planning Central Cloud. Planning Central forecasts demand, manages your safety stock, and generates material and resource plans in minutes, not hours. Its what-if simulation and intelligent recommendations present complex problems in simple terms, so business users can understand and address planning issues. Finally, Planning Central puts your plans into action by releasing recommendations for manufacturing, inventory management, and procurement Cloud applications. It’s the foundation of Oracle’s unified Supply Chain Planning Cloud suite.

Evolve to Modern Supply Chain Planning

Planning Central is a Cloud-based planning solution that can help discrete manufacturing
companies respond to today’s production and materials management challenges.
With Planning Central, you can:

  • Plan demand, inventory, and supply both inside and outside the enterprise
  • Monitor exceptions and potential plan changes with advanced analytics
  • Respond to late orders, material shortages, and other issues by prioritizing and releasing supply
    recommendations to other Oracle SCM Cloud applications

Planning Central’s next-generation graphical interface is designed for business users so that you can engage a broader range of stakeholders in the planning process. It offers mobile, desktop, and spreadsheet access that enhances productivity.

Plan Demand, Inventory, and Supply in Real Time

You need more speed and flexibility to plan today’s supply chains effectively. With Planning Central, you can recalculate demand forecasts, safety stock, and supply plans on demand to take new orders, supplier shipments, or inventory movement into account. You can create baseline, aggressive and conservative what-if plans as needed, or project the impact of a new product introduction. With Planning Central’s flexible multidimensional model, you can plan any segment of your business at any level of detail.

Planning Central’s supply engine is well suited to agile manufacturers. Material shortages, capacity limitations, and delivery delays are clearly highlighted, so you can easily adjust plans interactively until you are satisfied with the result.

Whether you’re a manager or a planner, Planning Central’s user interface lets you plan your way. You can easily configure your choice of planning measures in pivot tables, graphs, and many other analysis views. You can move between different aspects of a plan with one click, and set views up side-by-side. And when you want to collaborate with others, you can use Planning Central’s built-in integration with Oracle Social Cloud to share insights and make decisions.

Monitor Performance and Address Issues Effectively

Once you update your plans, you need to monitor their performance and identify where you may need to make further changes. Planning Central starts by giving you an at-a-glance view of your plan health, including revenue, margin, forecast
error, resource capacity, demands at risk, excess, and obsolescence. It then leverages multiple dimensions of data to isolate the root causes of exceptions. So instead of sorting and searching among hundreds of data points, you can easily pick out the orders with the most demand at risk, as well as the materials, resources, or suppliers that are the source of any delay. You can drill through Planning Central’s analytics to task-oriented screens that can address the problem, whether it’s a late inbound shipment or an overscheduled work center.

Planning Central’s library of exceptions lets you pick the issues that really matter to your business, and then set thresholds that alert you to only the most important incidents. You can also prioritize exceptions by their monetary value, so you can work on the right issues first.

Respond to Demand and Supply Changes

To have an impact on the business, you need to turn your plans into actions. Planning Central tightly integrates supply chain planning with execution in Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud.

Supply Recommendations

Planning Central proposes supply recommendations based upon the value of orders that they impact. This helps you minimize disruption by selecting the fewest changes with the greatest business benefit. You can review a running tally of the impact of your changes, so you can decide which to accept or reject.

Order Release

When you are ready to release your supply recommendations for execution, Planning Central shows you how incoming demands are pegged to supply orders. You can expedite urgent order recommendations by releasing them right away. You can continue to adjust others until you’re satisfied with them. An auto-release option enhances productivity by automating the release process for routine changes.

Execute your Plans in Oracle Supply Chain Cloud

Oracle SCM Cloud integrates planning and execution in an end-to-end plan-to-produce process. An embedded Supply Chain Orchestration solution automatically converts Planning Central’s supply recommendations into internal material transfers in Oracle Inventory and Cost Management Cloud, or work orders in Oracle Manufacturing Cloud depending on the type of supply required. Supply Chain Orchestration can also trigger purchase requisitions in Oracle Procurement Cloud for component supplies or contract manufactured products. This Cloud-based workflow and integration is developed and delivered as part of the
Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud suite, so you don’t have to worry about version differences or compatibility.

Oracle Planning Central Cloud is preconfigured and ready to experiment with from the moment your account is provisioned. Instead of spending months or years procuring hardware, integrating applications, and configuring the software, you could be live in weeks. It all adds up to a better way to plan your supply chain.

If you still need to connect to on-premise execution solutions, you can leverage the comprehensive collections framework delivered with all Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud applications to keep your data in synch.

Accelerate Your Growth and Process Maturity

As your business grows, it’s good to know that Oracle Planning Central Cloud can grow with you. Since it’s the foundational component of the Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud suite, you can enhance demand forecasting at any time by subscribing to Oracle Demand Management Cloud or perform more detailed supply planning by subscribing to Oracle Supply Planning Cloud. The solutions share the same data model and user experience, so no additional implementation effort is required. You can also run Oracle Sales & Operations Planning Cloud on the same platform.